Amazing Thing Privacy Supreme Glass Full cover for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 PRO Screen Protector (6.1 inch) Tempered Glass with Dust Filter and Easy Install Tray - [PRIVACY 2.75D]

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Amazing Thing Supreme Glass PRIVACY 2.75D Screen Protector for the Apple iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 PRO (6.1 inch) keeps your information confidential by shielding visibility from people around you at a 28 Degree angle. The Supreme Glass PRIVACY protector has undergone and passed Drop Tests while being only 0.3mm thick. The 2.75D size is a balanced mid-point between 2.5D (case friendly coverage) protectors and 3D (Max coverage) protectors. It is manufactured a fraction smaller than 3D protectors and offers the extra space on edges for thicker cases.

Enjoy downtime without worrying about prying eyes looking at your screen. While you can see the screen clearly, people around you see a Black screen.

The Protector allows you to install most covers as long as the case / cover is not touching / pushing up the protector edges. IF using a cover on your phone, it is recommended to install the protector while the cover is already installed on the phone.

Revolutionary ANTI-STATIC Glue:
Airborne dust coming between protector & screen during installation causes bubbles. The revolutionary ANTI-STATIC glue repels any airborne dust giving you a Bubble Free install (ensure screen is cleaned properly with included wipe before install)

A new added feature is the DUST FILTER built into the protector which helps to prevent dust accumulation in the speaker grill

QUICK INSTALLER for easy install:
Included QUICK INSTALLER tray makes installation a breeze with perfect alignment to screen


Compatible with : Apple iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 PRO (6.1 inch)


Retail Pack includes:
- Supreme Glass PRIVACY 2.75D Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Quick Installer Tray (for easy installation & perfect alignment)
- Screen cleaning kit