Withings Pulse O2 Black

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Wireless Activity Tracker
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Withings Pulse O2 Black
The Withings Pulse O2 Wireless Activity Tracker is an all in one monitoring device that tracks the total calories burned in a day when taking normal strides while walking, climbing elevations, etc. The device also monitors your sleeping cycles at night. It can accurately measure the heart rate as well as blood oxygen level. This compact device can be worn in multiple ways; wrap it around your wrist like a watch, have it attached it to your belt or clothes via a clip, or carry it in your pocket or bag. The 4 LEDs on the Pulse O2 measure vital signs such as heart rate and blood oxygen level, giving you a quick view of your health status. Placing the tracker in the sleep wristband launches the sleep cycle analysis that precisely assesses your sleep pattern. When you swipe your finger across the touchscreen, the device retrieves previously saved data, thereby giving you instant insight on your progress. The device instantly syncs with you iOS or Android smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Its Health Mate app converts the gathered data into easy to read graphs, and sends them on a daily basis to you with personalized advice to support you efforts. The Withings Pulse O2 Wireless Activity Tracker helps you improve your health by being more active, irrespective of your fitness level or style.

Calorie Counter
The Withings Pulse O2 Wireless Activity Tracker starts tracking your every step, calculating the number of calories burned while walking, running, climbing the stairs, and more.

The Pulse O2 tracker can be worn like a wrist watch, attached to your belt or clothes, or be carried around in your pockets or bags. At night, you can use it as a wristband to monitor your sleep.

Heart Rate Monitor
The Pulse O2 tracker regularly measures heart rate's history to know if you're improving your fitness level. It has a pulse monitor on its back that instantly displays the heart rate when you place your finger on it. The monitor also exhibits oxygen saturation levels; making the device ideal for athletes and people with breathing problems such as chronic bronchitis or asthma.

Sleep Analysis
Withings Pulse O2 tracker in the sleep wristband analyzes your sleep cycle. Its graph shows the different sleep cycles and points out the key sleep quality indicators.

Health Mate App
The Pulse O2 tracker’s Health Mate app converts raw numbers into easy to read graphs. It shows trends in your day to day progress, showing how your body works and the way in which these habits impact your health.

Personalized Coaching and Rewards
The Leaderboard feature tracks your progress and notifies you on mobile app and the web dashboard. On it, you can invite your friends and family members and goad them to be active. Withings Badges reward your efforts and further push you to excel yourself.

Smart Reminders
The Pulse O2 tracker inculcates healthy habits to your daily routine. Small changes like an evening herbal tea before bed, making calls while walking, etc. can be set as reminders on the device.

Balances Activity and Nutrition
Health Mate, in conjunction with MyFitnessPal app, offers tips on nutrition that help in achieving overall good health.