Toshiba 8GB FlashAir Wireless Class 10 SD Card

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General Type
General Performance
Operating Voltage
Supply Voltage-2.7 ~ 3.6V
Memory Capacity
8 GB
Physical Dimensions
3.2 x 2.4 x 0.2 cm
Others Speed Class
Class 10


Toshiba 8GB FlashAir Wireless Class 10 SD Card
The 8GB FlashAir SD card from Toshiba makes transferring and uploading data from your digital camera more convenient than ever. Its advanced internal wireless chip makes this memory card the world’s first to meet SD Memory Card Standard for data transfers over card-embedded wireless LAN.
FlashAir is ideal for photographers seeking to reduce data transfer times by uploading large volumes of photos, videos and other data wirelessly, without having to extract the SD memory card from the camera. The Toshiba Wireless SD card allows you to seamlessly transfer and share your pictures to your smartphone or laptop, which can then be uploaded to social media and other websites just minutes after capture.

Toshiba’s FlashAir SD card eliminates the need for drives, adapters, software and cables. To make use of the wireless function, simply insert the SD memory card into your camera and setup the wireless LAN function using a PC, smartphone, laptop or tablet. To view the images stored on the FlashAir card use your standard Internet browser or download the free apps for iOS and Android available via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Users can store up to 3,800 high quality photos and up to 4 hours of HD video on this high-performance SD memory card, with a data transfer class speed rating of 10MB/s, and capacities of 8GB-32GB available. The helpful battery power optimisation function keeps the wireless from draining your device’s power by only activating the wireless connection when necessary.The FlashAir is fully compatible with all SDHC digital cameras and devices and is backed by a five-year standard warranty to ensure peace of mind when using this item.

Amazing Wireless Convenience
With FlashAir, you do not need to pull your SD card from your camera and upload pictures to your PC in order to share them. The Toshiba Wireless SD Cards includes a wireless LAN chip which allows you to share your pictures with your friends next to you or use your smartphone or tablet to upload the images to a social media platform, just after you have taken them.

Easy Wireless LAN Setup
You do not need any drivers, software or cables. Just slide your FlashAir SD Card into your camera or camcorder and setup the wireless LAN function using a PC, tablet or smartphone.