Tamron Macro Lens 70-300mm

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  • For Canon Macro Lens AF 70-300mm. The AF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di LD MACRO 1:2's sharpness depends a lot on the focal length and aperture used. At 70?mm or 100?mm and maximum aperture the corners show a lot of blur while the center of the image is quite OK. Use an f-stop of f/6.3 or higher and you'll get acceptable sharpness throughout the image. But the telephoto part of the focal range is a lot worse - you'll want to use f/11 or higher to remove some of the blurriness.
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General Type
General Compatibility
Canon AF, Konica Minolta AF-D Nikon AF-D and Pentax AF
Physical Dimensions
Physical Weight
Technical Focal Length
Technical Maximum Aperture
Technical Lens Construction
13 Elements in 9 Groups
Technical Minimum Focus Distance
1.5m (59.0")(normal) 0.95m (37.4")(Macro Mode at f=180-300mm)
Technical Maximum Magnification Ratio
1:2 (at f=300mm, MFD 0.95m)
Technical Overall Length
116.5mm (4.6")
Technical Maximum Diameter
Technical Filter Size
Technical Diaphragm Blades
Technical Minimum Aperture
Technical Standard Accessory
Flower Shaped Lens hood


The AF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di LD MACRO 1:2 is made of decent looking plastics and has a pretty rugged appearance. Because the lens mount is made of plastic as well it is obviously more prone to wear than metal lens mounts. The zoom ring is big and has a nice grip to it but zooming isn't very smooth. The lens does not have a zoom lock but due to the stickyness of the zoom you won't miss it. The focus ring while smaller is positioned well and manual focusing is smooth. The lens does not allow manual override during autofocus operation so you have to use the switch to choose between autofocus and manual operation. Tamron calls the lens a macro lens but apparently it only allows a maximum magnification of 0.50x which is a lot less than proper macro lenses that go up to 1.00x. Furthermore the Tamron's macro mode only works between 180mm and 300mm and has to be activated with a cumbersome switch. If you try to zoom out while the switch is on macro mode the zoom will stop you at 180mm and require you to switch back to normal mode. This takes some time to get used to and quite frankly is a bit annoying but at least at 300mm you can get a little closer to your subject than you would with a non-macro lens.

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