Sonashi SEL-2244 Rechargeable Emergency Lantern 2pcs Combo Pack

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  • Full Charging Time- 12 hrs
  • Power Source- Ac110-240 Volts, 50/60Hz
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Physical Type
Emergency Lantern 2pcs Combo Pack
Power and Voltage Power Supply
Ac110-240V, 50/60Hz
Power and Voltage Charging Time
12 hrs
Power and Voltage Duration Time
Super Bright 12 hrs, Bright 49 hrs With Effective Efficiency


Sonashi SEL-2244 Rechargeable Emergency Lantern 2pcs Combo Pack
This LED Emergency Lantern Combo pack from Sonashi is perfect value for money. You can switch these lanterns from bright to super bright mode according to your lighting needs. On super bright mode, you will get a light of 350 lumens which can work continuously for 12 hours.


  • 24pcs Bright Led
  • Switch Mode-Bright, And Super Bright
  • Lighting Source-24 Highest 5050LED
  • Lift Time-80000 Hours
  • Luminous Flux-Super Bright 350 Lumens, Bright 70 Lumens
  • Working Time-Super Bright 12 Hours, Bright 49 Hours With Effective Efficiency
  • Red Led-Charge Indicator, Green Led-Full Charge
  • Overcharge protection and deep discharge protection