Samurai Warriors 4 PlayStation 4

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Tecmo Koei
General Platform
PlayStation 4
General Developer
Omega Force
General Publisher
Tecmo Koei
General Genre
Hack and Slash, Action
General Game Mode(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
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Samurai Warriors 4 PlayStation 4
With the series celebrating its 10th anniversary, the main Story Mode has been overhauled, with two primary ways to play: Regional play, which focuses on the heroic actions of individual warriors throughout the land and A Land United, which focuses on the final years of the turbulent Warring States period. No fewer than fifty brave warriors play out this rich historical tapestry.

  • 55 New and Updated Characters: Nobuyuki Sanada and Yoshitsugu Otani join the fray, along with Takatora Todo, Naotora Ii and Munenori Yagyu previously only available in Japanese releases of Samurai Warriors
  • Disseminate the Enemy Ranks: Battles are more thrilling than ever with new manoeuvres, additionally existing moves have all been powered up from their previous iterations
  • New Battle Modes: Enhancements and newly implemented gameplay systems create a deeper and more satisfying combat experience
  • Unfold the rich tapestry of the Warring States era: The Story Mode portrays the tales surrounding the battles by faction, deepening the relationships between characters and is separated into two parts, regional stories and the story of unification
  • Leave a mark on history: In the new "Chronicle Mode" players discover the world of Samurai Warriors through their own design with more ways to customize than ever before including a vastly upgraded Create Character system