Runtastic Orbit Fitness Tracker

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Runtastic Orbit Fitness Tracker
Runtastic Orbit is your reliable 24 hour activity, fitness and sleep tracker. Monitor daily activities, learn more about your sleep habits, set personal goals and get inspired by this new, exciting wearable. Orbit provides information about Steps and Distance, Calories Burned, Sleep Duration and Cycles, and allows you to set and reach your goals, utilize vibrating idle notifications and track your happiest moments. Orbit also boasts Time & Alarm modes, negating the need for yet another gadget on your wrist.

The integrated ambient light sensor (for advanced sleep tracking), its long-lasting battery and  wireless sync feature utilizing Bluetooth Smart, as well as the fact that it’s waterproof up to 100m/300ft, make Orbit the perfect device for round-the-clock tracking. Combine it with the compatible Me app on your smartphone of choice or use it as a stand-alone device-the choice is yours.

Orbit includes two wristbands (Runtastic Blue and Basic Black), as well as a clip (Basic Black) for versatile usability. So, what are you waiting for- Track yourself 24/7 with Orbit-Reliable, round-the-clock tracking to help you get a better sense of your daily movements, personal habits and untapped potential. Transform goals into results with Runtastic Orbit.


  • 24 hour tracking-Tracks your activities, fitness and sleep cycles
  • Versatile usability-Wear it on your wrist, belt or a more discreet location
  • See your Steps and Distance, Calories Burned, Sleep Duration and Cycles plus much more
  • Set and reach personal goals, use vibration alarms and notifications and monitor your daily progress
  • Integrates with the Runtastic Me app and your Runtastic GPS app for running, biking and other fitness activities
  • Waterproof up to 100m
  • Steps and distance-monitor daily steps and overall distance to get an overview of your daily movements
  • Remember everyday steps can add up to have a major, positive impact on your health
  • Active minutes-track your active minutes to see how often you're on the go. Achieve active living, even if you're not hitting the gym
  • Calories burned-keep an eye on how many calories you burn, utilizing a personalized calorie calculation for exceptionally accurate stats
  • Sleep-Sleep is a critical element of your health and wellness. With Orbit, sleep duration and your unique sleep cycles are tracked throughout the night
  • Set and reach goals-there's only one you and your goals should be as fun and unique as you are! Set, pursue and reach customized goals with Orbit
  • Progress indicator and vibration mode-Effortlessly monitor progress with the indicator bar on your display and receive convenient, gentle reminders to help keep you on track
  • Happy tracking with the simple tap of a button, you can take note of your mood and identify moments in your day that you feel especially awesome and empowered
  • Waterproof-water is no longer the enemy! Whether you're going for a swim or get caught in the rain, Orbit is your ideal, 24-hour tracking solution.
  • Time and alarm modes-Orbit displays the time and you can also set multiple alarms, so there's no need for a pile up of watches and devices on your wrist
  • Orbit connect-orbit acts as your second screen when you use the Runtastic app, displaying distance, elevation change and more. Handsfree fitness has never been easier
  • Wireless Sync-data is automatically, wirelessly transferred from Runtastic Orbit to your smartphone for the ultimate in simplicity and real-time tracking