Powertraveller SMA-U-003 Solarmonkey Adventurer Portable Solar Charger

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    General Type
    Solar Portable Charger
    General Battery Type
    3500mAh lithium-ion polymer
    General Colour
    General Connector
    General Compatibility
    All devices with USB, microUSB and Lightning ports
    General DC Charging Time
    Battery Stand By Time
    Power Voltage
    Power AC Input
    Power DC Output
    Power Output Power
    Power Output Current Limit
    Physical Dimensions
    6.6 x 3.5 x 8.9 inches
    Physical Weight
    9.6 oz
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    Powertraveller SMA-U-003 Solarmonkey Adventurer Portable Solar Charger
    The Solarmonkey Adventurer is a slim-line, portable solar charger with an integrated lithium-ion polymer battery, capable of giving you up to 2 full charges on an iPhone or smartphone, a GPS up to 3 times, as well as being able to charge virtually any other 5V device.

    Works With
    The Solarmonkey Adventurer will charge any device that can be recharged via USB i.e. smartphones/iPhones, iPods, e-readers, GPS, handheld games consoles and will even give a 25% charge on an iPad/tablet virtually any small handheld device. To charge your Apple device, simply use the Apple-supplied white sync/charge cable directly into the USB socket.

    Working Out Your Device's Voltage
    If your device is charged via a USB socket (either directly into a computer socket or via a USB AC power plug) the maximum voltage of your device will be 5 Volts, therefore the Solarmonkey Adventurer is perfect.

    Battery Capacity and Charge Times
    The Solarmonkey Adventurer has an integrated 2500mAh lithium-ion polymer battery and when charging your device from the battery only (say at night), this will output power at the same rate as if you were charging your device from AC mains power. The solar panels will recharge the internal battery in 8-12 hours.