Pixelstick LED Light Painting Tool Black

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General Type
Light Painting Tool
Power Source
DC 9.6 V - 12 V 5 A 8x AA batteries (not included, rechargeable recommended)
Physical Dimensions
Assembled length 73 inches, Dissembled length in bag 43 inches
Physical Weight
3.0 kg
Others Cables Included
Battery cable 600 mm
Others Additional Features
Display LCD screen on controller (128 x 64 pixels), Light Source 200 RGB LEDs (4 boards of 50), File Format 24-bit Windows BMP


Pixelstick LED Light Painting Tool Black
The Pixelstick LED Light Painting Tool is a unique image enhancer that uses 200 RGB LEDs housed in an in a 73 inch wand that allows you paint images stored on an SD/HC card onto a digital photo during a long exposure at night. Pixelstick breaks down into two halves. To Assemble, slide the top half into the bottom, tighten the screws, and connect the batteries. The Controller allows you to select images from an SD card, adjust brightness, orientation, and timing settings. The 200 LEDs are Full colour and densely packed, for impressive colour range and high fidelity. Copy BMP images and patterns from your computer onto a standard SD or SDHC card, or use the included Demo Patterns. Eight rechargeable AA batteries provide pixelstick with enough power to shoot over multiple nights on a single charge.

Surprisingly Simple
All you need is Pixelstick and a camera with a long exposure mode. The controller is easy to use simply insert and SD card with images you will created or downloaded, set the camera to take a long exposure, select the image you want Pixelstick to display, and press the shutter release. The beauty of light painting is there is no wrong way to do it

Create and Animate
With Pixelstick, you can seamlessly insert any image into your long exposures. Pixelstick can even increment through a series of images over multiple exposures, opening up light painting to the world of time lapse, and allowing for animations of expanded scope and quality