Optima GS1500 Garment Steamer

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Optima GS1500 Garment Streamer
By using the power of steam a clothes steamer effectively relaxes the fibers in the materials, whereas an iron just flattens the material. That’s why delicate materials will benefit the most from steaming. There are tons of different steamer sizes and styles to choose from, and some are even small enough to travel with. That is what makes a steamer a wonderful choice for those who travel a lot for business.

Another amazing benefit to using a steamer is that it’s easier than ever to reach difficult areas. Traditional irons seem to only flatten certain parts of a fabric, while leaving other areas wrinkled. Steamers in no way have this issue. You can easily reach the underside of garments as well as multiple layers that would otherwise be inaccessible. It’s even possible to relax cuffs and ruffles with a steamer.