Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor White

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General Type
Beddit Sleep Monitor
General Physical Dimensions
30 x 1.5 x 0.1 inches
Technical Measuring Method
Sleep Quality, Duration, Sleep Cycles, Time to Fall Asleep, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate Snoring
General Weight
358 gms


Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor White
Beddit automatically tracks your sleep, heart rate, snoring and movements. In the morning, Beddit tells you how you slept and gives you coaching tips on how to do it better. Place the thin sensor under your sheet and download the free app to your mobile device. No wearable sensors. App is available at Appstore and Google Play.

Introducing the all new Beddit Smart
Beddit is the ultimate sleep guide. You won't even know it's in your bed while it measures with unique accuracy your heart rate, respiration, and how peacefully you slept. Every morning, you'll wake up to a personalized sleep score accompanied by a daily sleep tip. Beddit Sleep Monitor Smart introduces Smart-measuring, the first and only automatic sleep tracking experience on the market. Using the latest bluetooth technology, Beddit Smart seamlessly monitors your sleep the moment you go to bed, no need to even touch your mobile device (only on iOS).

Sleep on it
Beddit is placed directly on your mattress, under the sheets. There's nothing to wear. Beddit is paper-thin and unobtrusive.

Beddit Tracks

  • Total Sleep Time
  • Sleep Cycles; Deep and Light Sleep Duration
  • Awake Times
  • Heart Rate


  • Beddit helps you get the most out of your daily sleep cycle
  • Gives you a sleep analysis and personalized coaching tips every morning
  • Syncs automatically to selected iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth
  • No wearable sensors to disturb your sleep