Kodak iShow 1000 Handheld LED Projector

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General Features
50 lumens brightness, DLP full widescreen image quality, Up to 50 inches projected image
Others Resolution
854 x 480
Contrast Ratio
500 : 1
Storage Temperature
Temperature: 32° – 113°F / 0˚ – 45°C, Humidity: 0% – 60%
Battery Type
Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery 3.7V 2800mAh
Reset Button, Focus Button, Power Button
Mono —> Mix Stereo Output
DC-IN, Stereo Headphone, HDMI (Type A), Wi-Fi
Physical Dimensions
125.0 x 60.0 x 22.5 mm
Physical Weight
5.8 oz
Storage Temperature
Temperature: 32° – 113°F / 0˚ – 45°C, Humidity: 0% – 60%


Kodak iShow 1000 Handheld LED Projector
Any time is show time, thanks to the Kodak iShow 1000 Pico Projector. Plug in or wirelessly connect via your Android, iOS and Windows devices to project and share your favorite photos, videos, movies and even office documents on your own personal big screen. Powerful and highly portable, the Kodak iShow Pico Projector is always ready to shine.

App Supported
Our smart projector is just a little thicker than an iPhone. An App can be downloaded to operate it via the built in Wifi - search for Kodak ishow in your app store.

Connect and Project
Get connected with HDMI or go cord-free with wireless integration for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Your portable big-screen easily adapts for any situation.

Wifi Connectivity
Once wifi is enabled there is no need for either a power cable or a data cable, you control the unit from your phone / tablet and the li-ion battery built in lasts approx. 90 minutes on a single charge.

Wireless operation
HDMI cables can be used of course for more conventional projections such as presentations from a laptop, showing a movie etc. So, unlike other Pico projectors made to work with iphones you don't have to clip the projector and the phone together / hold it in your hand, or operate it via a cable.

Bright Ideas
Your creativity deserves a chance to shine. A generous 50 lumens will make sure everyone in the room gets a good look at every photo movie and idea.

Universally Compatible
The Kodak iShow 1000 Pico projector lets you project content from your smartphone on the big screen! This handheld projector is compatible with Android, iOs and Window devices. Project your photos, videos, movies and even work documents on the big screen and up to 50 inches diagonal in size.

Count On Compatibility

Projections at the palm of your hand are now possible across multiple platforms. Use your Android, iOS or Windows device to project photos, videos, and documents. The iShow 1000 opens up the possibilities.

90 Minute Battery
Don’t let the show get cut short by a weak battery. With a full 90 minutes of battery life and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the iShow 1000 Projector packs plenty of life for your viewing pleasure.


  • 50 lumens brightness
  • DLP full widescreen image quality
  • Up to 50 inches projected image
  • iOs/Android/Windows compatible
  • Microsoft Office/Adobe PDF
  • Video (3GPP, MPEG4, H.264, H.263)
  • Wireless/HDMI connection
  • Photo/movie/document playback
  • Up to 90-minute battery life
  • Wireless or HDMI connection means the iShow 1000 is ready for use with many devices. Tell your story, or host your presentation almost anywhere 
  • Li-ion Battery