Celestron Travel Scope 70 Portable Telescope

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General Type
PowerSeeker Telescope
Features Field Of View / 1000 M
Features Magnification 1
20 x
Features Magnification 2
40 x
Features Optical Coatings
Features Optical Design
Technical Angular Field Of View (Deg)
Technical Aperture (Mm)
70 mm (2.76 in)
Technical Barlow Lens
3 x
Technical Eyepiece 1 (Mm)
20 mm (0.79 inches)
Technical Eyepiece 2 (Mm)
4 mm (0.16 inches)
Technical Finderscope
5 x 24
Technical Focal Length (Mm)
20 mm (0.79 in)
Technical Focal Ratio
Technical Highest Useful Magnification
165 x
Technical Light Gathering Power (Compared To Human Eye)
100 x
Technical Limiting Stellar Magnitude
Technical Lowest Useful Magnification
10 x
Technical Optical Tube Length
Technical Photographic Resolution
Technical Resolution (Dawes)
1.66 arc seconds
Technical Resolution (Rayleigh)
1.99 arc seconds
Technical Star Diagonal
Others Accessory Tray
Others CD-ROM
Others Mount
Others Tripod


Celestron Travel Scope 70 Portable Telescope
The Celestron Travel Scope is a quality, easy to use medium refractor for use on the go. Its 2.8 inch objective lens is sufficient for very pleasant use as a spotting scope, and it is combined with a 45° erect image diagonal which is well suited to that purpose. The Travel Scope's also practical as an astronomical scope for lunar, planetary, and wide star field viewing as a 400mm f/5.7 refractor design, each of these pursuits will be quite pleasurable. Celestron includes a pair of 50° apparent field 1.25 inch eyepieces, but you can of course use any 1.25 inch eyepiece you like. Add an optional 90° star diagonal for high-overhead viewing, or a straight through erecting porro prism for terrestrial viewing from elevated positions. A 5x24 finderscope with quick-release bracket and full-size pan/tilt tripod round out the Travel Scope package, and the whole assembly fits into a dedicated backpack Celestron designed for simple storage and packing.


  • Bright, light 2.8 inch refractor scope with a 45° erect image diagonal
  • Suitable for both terrestrial and astronomical use
  • Lens is well shaded for dew resistance and increased contrast in daylight viewing
  • Rack and pinion 1.25 inch focuser
  • Included pan/tilt tripod suitable for use with scope at lower to medium powers
  • Detachable 5x24 finderscope
  • Includes dedicated backpack for easy storing and travelling