Celestron Cosmos 5MP LCD Digital Microscope

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General Type
General Camera
General Camera Resolution
General Focus
General Zoom Eyepiece
Others Illuminator
Others Nose Piece
Others Stage
Fully adjustable with metal clips
Others Objective Lenses
5-element IR cut, high quality glass lens
Others Battery
Connectivity USB Cable
Physical Weight
1600 gms
Physical Dimensions
5.8 x 4.1 x 8.9 inches
Others Warranty
Technical Imaging Sensor
5.0 MP CMOS, 10x magnification in lieu of eyepiece
Technical Magnification
4 with LCD, 20 with computer x, 160 with LCD, 200 with computer x
Technical Digital Zoom
Technical Illumination
8 adjustable white LEDs in ring configuration
Physical Dimensions
Physical Weight
Physical LCD Screen
3.5 in (90 mm) TFT LCD with 4x digital zoom, 4
Physical Screen Resolution
320 x 240 pixels
Others Included Accessories
Others Power and Batteries
1050 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion
Others Additional Features


Celestron Cosmos 5MP LCD Digital Microscope
The Cosmos 5MP LCD Digital Microscope from Celestron makes it easy to view and share the microscopic world. Using a 5MP CMOS imaging sensor with 320x240 resolution at 30fps, you start with a base line magnification of 10x, from there you have zoom options from 4x to 160x using the built-in 3.5 inch colour LCD screen, and 20x to 200x on a computer or TV. To connect to external devices, there are USB and composite TV-out ports. It comes with a rechargeable battery for using the microscope in the field, and it comes with a 2GB card with pre loaded specimen images, with room to add your own. The stage features dual clips to secure slides, and the coarse and fine focusing allows you to get a clear image. Eight LEDs, arranged in a circular pattern, provide the illumination, with a brightness adjustment dial on the control panel.


  • Includes a built in 5MP digital camera which captures and saves high-resolution images of your specimens
  • A full-colour 3.5 inch LCD screen and rechargeable lithium-ion battery for use in the field, TV out for display in a classroom or lab
  • This microscope has a high quality 5 element IR cut glass lens, adjustable stage for viewing different sized subjects
  • A 4x to 160x magnification using the LCD screen, up to 200x using computer monitor, 4x digital zoom
  • Includes 2 GB Micro SD card pre loaded with specimen images, Portable Capture Pro software with measurement feature (compatible with both Windows and Mac), AV cable, calibration ruler, AC adapter/charger, USB 2.0 cable