BaByliss ST270 Hair Styler

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General Type
Hair Styler
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Power And Voltage Power
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Exclusive iCurl system- straight and curl easily with both sides
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10 x 17.3 x 24.5 cm


BaByliss ST270 Hair Styler
With the BaByliss straighteners/curlers you can change your hair style to suit your wishes for perfectly straightened or magnificently curled hair.

ICurl System
straight and curl easily with both sides ceramic heaters Immediate heat-up High straightening efficiency Protection: ultra-fast heat recovery for constant high heat Temperature control : 2 positions 180°C Turbo touch 230°C Professional plates-85 x 25 mm Ceramic intense-Titanium Ceramic coating Softness and protection Very long-lasting (high density) Swivel cord On/off switch.  

Step 1
Select the ideal temperature for your hair type and/or the desired hair style.

For Straightening, BaByliss Recommends

  • Fine, bleached, damaged or dry hair: 130°C - 160°C
  • Normal, coloured and/or wavy hair: 160°C - 200°C
  • Thick and difficult to style hair: 200°C - 230°C

For curling, BaByliss recommends

  • Soft curls: 160°C - 200°C
  • Tight curls: 200°C -230°C

Step 2
Separate your hair into several sections and pin to the top of your head with a clip. Take up one section.

Step 3
Begin straightening the section by sliding the straightener from the roots to the tips.

Step 4
When you are halfway down the length of the section, roll the remainder of the section around the straightener and then continue by rolling the straightener towards the roots.

Professional Tips
If you would like to curl the ends of your hair, roll the section around the wand just once. For curls all along the length of your hair, roll the section around the wand several times returning to the roots.
For lasting hold, spray the section with a light hairspray before working with the straightener/curler.