BaByliss 2021 Hair Styler

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BaByliss 2021 Hair Styler
Styling your hair is just a step away with this Babyliss 2021 Hair Styler. This hair styler has been designed to help you achieve curls, straight or wavy hair in no time. With multiple features, this hair styler facilitates easy and effortless styling.

Unique Secured System
The unique secured system of this hair styler allows you to change plates without much difficulty. Furthermore, this system secures the plates in one place and makes sure they don’t come off while you are styling your hair.

Distribution Terminals
Equipped with distribution terminals, this hair styler ensures that the heat gets distributed evenly across your hair, thus preventing heat spots.

10 Interchangeable Attachments
As this hair styler comes with 10 interchangeable attachments, it is easy for you to pick the one which best complies with the hairstyle you choose to wear for the day. This hair styler comes with 36 mm ceramic straightening plates, 36 mm ceramic crimping plates, double-wave iron, 16 mm curling iron, 25 mm curling iron, 16 mm spiral sleeve and a 16 mm brush sleeve.

Ceramic Plate36 mm
The ceramic plates measuring 36 mm ensure that you are left with soft and smooth hair. Adding to this, they make styling much easier for you.

Spiral Sleeve 19 mm
For tight or firm curls you can use the spiral sleeve which measures 19 mm. The tightness of the curls depends on how much you rotate the main housing.

Crimping Plates
For a funky hairstyle you can use the crimping plates this hair styler comes with.

Swivel Cord
Preventing the wire from getting tangled during and after use is the swivel cord of this hair styler.

Double wave Iron
For luscious waves, this hair styler is equipped with a double-wave iron which helps you create those fairy-like curls with ease.

Curling Iron16 mm
Equipped with a curling iron measuring 16 mm, this hair styler allows you to add curls to your hair in no time.

145°C Multiple Heat
Offering 145°C multiple heat, this hair styler allows you to choose the heat which best suits your hair type and the hairstyle you choose to wear for the day.


  • 16 mm Curling Iron
  • Unique Secured System
  • Square Iron
  • Swivel Cord
  • Storage Pouch
  • 36 mm Ceramic Plate
  • 19 mm Curling Iron
  • 19 mm Spiral Sleeve
  • 16 mm Curling Iron
  • 145°C Multiple Heat
  • Minimum Temperature: 145 degree Celsius
  • Key-lock Function