Aeris Swopper Ergonomic 3D Active Sitting Chair with Spine Stabilization Ferraro Red

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General Type
Swopper 3D Active Sitting Chair
Physical Weight
11 kg
Physical Colour
Ferraro Red
Physical Material
Anthracite or titanium, base ring with metal and felt gliders or with universal castors as per DIN EN 12529
Physical Fabric
100% Polyester The AIR Climate seat cover is made of an innovative breathable fabric with network structure for an optimum seat climate
Others Other Features
Springs: Small or Medium (optimised for 40 kg to 70 kg and for 60 kg to 120 kg respectively), Seat Height: Loaded: 42 cm to 56 cmand 45 cm to 59 cm, unloaded: 47 cm to 61 cm and 52 cm to 66 cm.
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Aeris Swopper Ergonomic 3D Active Sitting Chair with Spine Stabilization Ferraro Red
The swopper is the be-all and end-all when it comes to healthy sitting in motion. The swopper has revolutionised the office chair market with its innovative 3D technology which permits movement and change of posture in all directions. Thanks to its unique three-dimensional movement the award-winning active seat adapts itself to you not vice versa! This active sitting in three dimensions with many changing sitting positions keeps you in motion all the time and strengthens your back. You keep fit and feel good.

Its Genius Lies in its Radicality
Even at first glance you can tell the difference between the swopper and conventional office seats. Its radical design does away with all the conventional comfort features like armrests and headrest which hinder movement and make you ill in the long run.

In contrast, thanks to its patented 3D technology the swopper, the world's first 3D active seat, supports and encourages movement when sitting with frequent change of position. The benefits are obvious. Quite on the side of the sitter: away with backache and tension, back to more physical health, feeling good and enhanced performance.

  • Swopping makes you straighten the upper part of your body, which frees the diaphragm and stimulates the circulation. This is not only healthy, but is also a lot of fun
  • The 3D movement of the swopper eliminates one-sided pressure on the intervertebral disks. Swopping nurtures the intervertebral disks and keeps them fit and elastic
  • The swopper seat is convex in shape. This prevents pressure points and congestion. Sitting in motion stimulates active transport of the blood back to the heart
  • The swopper encourages constant change of posture. You automatically sit up straight more often. And because the swopper follows your movements, your back remains straight even when you lean towards your desk
  • Swopping keeps your entire body in motion. This strengthens the abdominal, back and leg muscles and prevents many forms of backache
  • Active-dynamic sitting also keeps the joints in constant motion. This encourages the formation of synovia, tightens the ligaments and tendons and prevents joint diseases