AEE Magicam S50+ Action Camera Black

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Body Type
Sensor Max Resolution
Full HD 1920 x 1080 / 60 fps
Sensor Effective Pixels
8 MP
Sensor Sensor Type
Optics & Focus Digital Zoom
Optics & Focus Lens Mount
F3.0 Glass Lens
Screen / Viewfinder Screen Size
2 inches
Screen / Viewfinder Touch Screen
Screen / Viewfinder Viewfinder Coverage
155º Ultra Wide Angle
Photography Features Aperture Priority
f / 3.0
Photography Features Continuous Drive
10 fps, Max. Video Recording Time: 3 hrs, Max. Audio Recording Time: 3.5 hrs
Videography Features Format
MOV(H.264 in Compression)
Videography Features Microphone
Yes, Built-in Dual Microphone
Videography Features Speaker
Videography Features Resolutions
Max. 1080p, 1080i 50/60 1080p: 25/30, 960p: 25/30/48, 720p: 25/30/50/60, 480p: 50/60/100/120
Storage Storage Types
Micro SD, MMC (up to 64GB SDHC)
Connectivity USB
USB 2.0
Connectivity HDMI
Connectivity Remote Control
Connectivity Wireless
WiFi Connectivity
Physical Battery
Lithium Battery, 1500 mAh
Physical Weight
83 gms (without screen) 112 gms (with screen)
Physical Dimensions
59 x 43 x 35 mm


AEE Magicam S50+ Action Camera Black
The S50 + is the most complete and robust all-rounder in its class. A camera filming effortless and razor sharp HD and photographing during spectacular actions. It is easy to use, has long battery life and remote control via WiFi. The S50 + comes complete with waterproof case (up to 100 meters), battery (3 hours) and a separate LCD screen where you can choose the camera to see what you're shooting. Full HD, WiFi, Waterproof, Watch live on your smartphone or tablet, and easy to operate remotely. Perfect for shooting with all your (sports) and filming adventures and share them instantly with your friends. This compact sports camera is also very suitable as a helmet camera and car camera.

Underwater Housing
The underwater housing protects the camera in outdoor water sports and diving (to 100 meters) and prevents condensation in underwater filming.

Removable Colour Standard
The removable screen you can directly see what you are filming and recording your show quickly to everyone.

The AEE S50+ action camera has a built-in WiFi hotspot with a range of 100 meters in the open field. This allows the camera to be controlled remotely. A special app (iOS and Android) is free to download and offers along with the S50+ include the following functions: Remotely adjust the camera settings, Make remote viewing video and photos, Live watch the camera even during shooting and Recordings store on a mobile device and edit.

Automatic Recording with G-sensor
The sensitive G-sensor helps to record hands and stop: By moving the camera automatically takes in, without manual operation. The camera also stops again automatically when motion stops.

High Quality Video in Action
1080i @ 60fps and 1080p @ 30fps captures the S50+ action moments jolting on all screens gives a razor-sharp HD image. With 480p @ 120fps you make the craziest slow-motions.

Other Features
The AEE S50+ comes standard with a heavy duty internal battery for about 3 hours video recording. This 1500 mAh lithium battery capacity is 50% greater than normal. If needed, an additional battery in the camera can be connected for even longer recording time. The detachable TFT screen shows exactly what you're shooting and you can play through the camera you filmed. With the 10x digital zoom, you can prior to or during filming well zoom in on the action and you can record all the emotions and details perfect.

  • HD video camera: 1080p @ 30fps, 1080i @ 60fps and 720p @ 60fps 
  • Camera: 8MP
  • WiFi service with free app for iOS and Android
  • Removable HD TFT screen
  • 155º viewing angle aspherical lens for a perfect, sharp image
  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof case (100 meters)
  • G-Sensor for automatic start and stop recordings
  • Dutch clear instructions