Monster Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers In-Ear Headphones - Space Age

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  • 5 clip-on body colors let you create, express and work your style
  • Retractable cord keeper keeps your cables tangle-free
  • Multiple ear tip sizes so you get the perfect fit
  • Heart-shaped compact case keeps your headphones safe, shiny, and new
  • Monster branded product
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Create, express and work your style by customizing the ultra modern and out-of-this-world-cute Monster - Harajuku Lovers Space Age G Headphones. Bring style and color all around the world (and beyond) with five interchangeable body colors. Mix and match them to create your own Space Age G style. Think of it as an "earring" that lets you go beyond just hearing the music. Listen to the Supersonic Sounds of Cuteness: It's time for you to create your own style that's totally ultra-modern, ultra-chic, and out-of-this-world. Express yourself and work it by customizing your supersonic cuteness with the Monster - Harajuku Lovers Space Age G Headphones. Switch up five body colors to match your own Space Age G style because you're one of a kind. It's the "earring" that goes beyond just hearing the music. It creates the color of your sound.

Customize the Colour of Your Sound
Clip on a different body color each day - or save your faves for later. Custom Fit: You get different sizes of ear tip sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your ears. This custom fit seals in your music and seals out unwanted noise. Compact Case: Protect your headphones, and keep them safe, shiny, and new - just like the day you got them.