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Sony 49 Inch LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV KD-49X7000F

17% OFF AED 2,199.00

AED 1,829.00

Sony 55 Inch UHD 4K HDR Android TV - 55X8500F

15% OFF AED 4,499.00

AED 3,829.00

Sony 48-Inch Full HD Smart LED Television 48W650

25% OFF AED 1,999.00

AED 1,499.00

Sony 75-Inch 4K HDR with Android Television 75X8500

27% OFF AED 10,299.00

AED 7,499.00

Sony 65-Inch 4K HDR Android Television 65X9300

21% OFF AED 9,899.00

AED 7,849.00

Sony 32-Inch LED Television 32R300

32% OFF AED 999.00

AED 675.00

Sony Bravia 65-inch Ultra HD LED TV 65X7500

29% OFF AED 4,943.00

AED 3,499.00

Sony 75 Inch UHD 4K HDR Android TV - KD75X8500F

5% OFF AED 7,999.00

AED 7,599.00

Sony 65 Inch UHD 4K HDR Android TV - KD65X8500F

14% OFF AED 4,999.00

AED 4,299.00

Sony 49 Inch UHD 4K HDR Android TV - KDL49X8500F

18% OFF AED 3,299.00

AED 2,699.00

Sony 55" KD55X9000F 4K Ultra HD HDR Android TV

7% OFF AED 4,299.00

AED 3,999.00

Sony 75" KD75X9000F 4K Ultra HD HDR Android TV

19% OFF AED 11,999.00

AED 9,699.00

Sony 55 Inch 4K UHD Smart TV - 55X7077F

8% OFF AED 2,599.00

AED 2,399.00

Sony 49 Inch 4K UHD Smart TV - 49X7077F

47% OFF AED 3,799.00

AED 1,999.00

Sony 55 Inch OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV KD-55A8F

30% OFF AED 8,999.00

AED 6,329.00

Sony 65 Inch OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV KD-65A8F

13% OFF AED 11,999.00

AED 10,499.00

Sony 65" KD65X9000F 4K Ultra HD HDR Android TV

19% OFF AED 7,999.00

AED 6,499.00

Sony 32 Inch LED TV - KDL32R300E

34% OFF AED 1,049.00

AED 695.00

Sony 32inch LED HD Ready Television - 32R324E

34% OFF AED 1,199.00

AED 789.00

Sony 32 Inch Smart LED HD Television - 32W600D

10% OFF AED 1,115.00

AED 999.00

Sony 77 Inch 4K OLED TV - KD-77A1

27% OFF AED 54,999.00

AED 39,999.00

Sony 40 Inch Full HD LED TV - 40R350E

33% OFF AED 1,499.00

AED 999.00

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