PATUMMAS Facial Scrub – Renew skin, Fade dark spots, Radiant x 6 pieces

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size 15 g. ( 6 pack)

Sunlight and air pollution are one of the main factors of skin cell deterioration, leading to aging skin, melasma, and acne problem. The new formula of facial scrub combined with Thai herbs, Vitamin C, Co Q 10, and collagen, helps replenish skin cells and eliminate dead skin cells while gently scrubbing. With a high quality of ingredients used, it suits all skin types. Now experience the smooth and soft touch with brighter and younger skin, you ever dream of.

How to use:  Apply the mixture of scrub powder and water onto your face then gently scrub it for 5-10 mins. Rinse it off with water.

Suggestion :

Dry Skin: 1-2 times / week Oily Skin : 3-4 times / week For extra care and rapid result, use it with the whole set : Herbal Face scrub + Herbal Face Pack + Herbal Bath Milk