Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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Designed with a edge-to-edge camera, introducing the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G that revolutionizes the world of photography, letting you capture stunning 8K video and cinematic scenes simultaneously. Added to this, the fastest chip in Galaxy phones, more powerful glass, 5G network and all-day battery, Ultra has aptly named Ultra.

Design Breakthrough
Here is the camera that is unique in terms of its bold new design. The large camera, which is distinguished by its streamlined edges, includes advanced lenses and is smooth.

Dynamic AMOLED 2X
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G features the brightest and clearest screen in Galaxy phones, providing you with the most dazzling Galaxy experience with 1,500 nits peak brightness and 100% color density to ensure you enjoy natural, accurate colors - even in sunlight.

Shield takes care of eyesight
No worries about harmful blue light with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, which works to reduce blue light emissions, to enjoy remarkable eye comfort, ensuring that you enjoy hours of continuous hours of your favorite movies and series, and sleep comfortably and deeply.

Samsungs most durable glass
Designed to reduce phone scratching and protect it on the front and back, it is the most durable Gorilla Glass in a smartphone.

Capture the most beautiful pictures from 8K video
Considered 8K VideoShoot the clearest video in a smartphone, with pixels equivalent to 4 times the resolution of 4K. Shoot at 8K 24fps, get crisp, better-looking scenes than cinemas, then upload and watch them on YouTube.

And with a property 8K Video Snap, You can drag images of breathtaking clarity video accurately 8K, 4 do not have to choose between shooting video scene or take photographs.

The highest resolution and clarity in a smartphone

She will remain clear, whatever her story
Could you 108MP cameraLots of details are captured with utmost precision and clarity, and once you zoom in further, you can reveal more of the shots hidden in them. 6 The camera quality stands out in rich colors, sharpness and natural detail that will never fade even if exposed to the sun.

Capture night photos like a dream
The bright night light sensor is the biggest step in low-light photography, as the sensor captures bright and pure colors in the dark of the night, allowing you to capture clear pictures more quickly and significantly less noise, as well as controlling the exposure time.

The fastest chip in Galaxy phones
first 5nm processor In Galaxy phones, it combines impressive power and speed. This significant update means faster learning and more intelligence in every aspect of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Close it tightly
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G gives you the highest levels of security with Samsung Knox Which ensures that your phone is completely and comprehensively protected Samsung Knox VaultThat encrypts biometric authentication data. The Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which has a larger size, improves response speed and dry finger recognition to ensure fast and accurate phone unlocking.

Battery that keeps up with your day and more
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G features an intelligent battery that keeps pace with your whole day, even with the 5G network, this 5000mAh battery, the new energy-efficient screen and the powerful processor all come together to ensure that the phone lasts for 24 hours and more.

A little water doesn't hurt
The protection is rated IP68

Win your game
Thanks to the 120Hz display, you get faster touch response and smooth motion. By combining these two features with 5G technology and Wi-Fi 6E, you can stay connected, moment to moment, and take gaming to a new level.

Enhanced game booster
No distraction, with the new Priority Mode for Game Booster, which will ensure that you stay focused on gaming by blocking calls and notifications and improving the performance of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. The improved artificial intelligence technology for the engine also monitors the uses of your device and automatically adjusts the phone settings to enjoy the best experience - as it will regulate the temperature, the battery and the memory .... all this while you enjoy playing.