Sephora Collection Mango and Vitamin B6 Face Mask

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95% of ingredients of natural origin - A real vitamin shot for the skin – banana fiber fabric

SENSORY, EFFECTIVE CARE PRODUCTS MADE WITH INGREDIENTS OF NATURAL ORIGIN! Made from ingredients at least 95% of which are of natural origin, our SEPHORA COLLECTION vitamin face masks are enriched with plant extracts and vitamins. They stay close to the skin and are highly absorbent, holding up to 10 times their weight! Enriched with vitamins B3, B6, C or E, the masks work in just 5 minutes, giving your skin an extra “shot” of skincare that really boosts results! Check out the “Test results” section to find out more!

PLANT-BASED SUPER INGREDIENTS! Our super-ingredients have been selected according to very strict criteria. - Papaya*: Tropical fruit known for its high vitamin content and radiance-boosting effect. - Mango*: Known for its sugar, protein and amino-acid content. Boasts perfect moisturizing properties to nourish the skin. - Aloe vera*: Saturated with water and known for its sugar content. Moisturizes the skin and protects it from dehydration. - Dragon fruit*: Tropical fruit known for its high vitamin content and skin-purifying effect. We selected these 4 vitamins because they have skincare properties that address the needs of all skin types: vitamins C and E, of natural origin, and synthetic vitamins B3 and B6. Combined with our super-ingredients of natural origin, they boost the product’s effects for an even more beautiful skin!
BY THE WAY! Our masks are made of banana fibers, produced with banana stalk residue obtained from agricultural waste.