Mc.PLUS ACTIV (Dietary Supplement Product for Losing Weight) 3 Boxes + Mc.PLUS POWER BURN (Reduce Fat Sliming Gel Cool Cream) 3 tubes

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Mc.PLUS ACTIV Losing Weight Supplement Fast
Size : 20 pills /box for 10 days

Action and Use

  • Weight loss
  • Reduce the appetite
  • Feel full from meal longer than 8-12 hrs.
  • Expend the muscle mass for body build up, burn fat and calories also get more 180% of Metabolism
  • Restraint the fat cell division which split into the smallest fatty acid to change to the useful power for body

Usage : 1 pills before meal 30-40 minutes (Before lunch-dinner)

Mc PLUS POWER Reduce Fat Sliming Gel Cool Cream 120 g

Action and Use
  • Body Firming
  • Firming and Moisturize skin
  • Fat Burn
  • Reduce the Rough Skin
  • Good Shave in Short Period
  • Stretch Marks
  • Break Down the Cellulite
  • Increase Blood Circulation

Usage : Apply the lotion after shower, no need to wash after use, can apply when doing exercise.