Bodycare BC006 Household Automatic Roll Kneading Shiatsu Foot Air Press Massager Master With Heating

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    High-quality motor delivers smooth workout, soothe insomnia efficiently, helps you unwind, enhance digestion Overload current protection, anti-jamming, anti-static, increase blood flow to keep healthy, activate joints, soothe arthrosis pain Voltage:110v, 220v.

    Power consumption 200W Material:ABS frame, PU or velour cover Controllable Speed and direction 360 degrees rotation with lock fitting Foot reflex zones in the Health Act-Principles of neural reflex Traditional medicine on the principle of bio-holographic Meridian studies-herbalist doctor Meridian Theory No time or space constraints Relieve tiredness and promote blood circulation Strengthen the ability of self-control disease Improve digestionSlim calves Those people most need a massage, if you have these troubles, please take note.

    The white-collar in the workplace: Early nine late five people struggle, has been with the double pressure of physical and psychological, foot massage master can alleviate fatigue, relieve stress.Hands and feet cold: Beauty of long yarn is cool, but the beauty of the hands and feet cold, it is a lot of women, foot massage master has effectively improved the foot blood circulation, effectively relieve ice beauty of hands and feet cold symptoms.Women wear high heelsHigh heels make women and love and hate, although very beautiful, but often a foot pain, fatigue such as pain, there; Master of foot massage.

    Can effectively solve the trouble.Insomnia, many dreams: Tossing and turning up at night, all day didn't have the energy, the master is looking for a foot massage, massage before sleeping under the feet, relax the body, can effectively improve the quality of sleep.Immune system: Geriatrics of middle-aged and old prone waist sour backache, dizziness. Master of foot massage can effectively help expel toxically, enhance the body's immune system and promote the circulation of the blood.