Vivo X50 Pro Dual SIM 8GB RAM 256GB 5G - Alpha Grey

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X50 Pro - Photography Redefined

X-Class Design Crafted for Distinction
X50 Pro brings in a new era of smartphone design, juxtaposing art and technology seamlessly. Every aspect of aesthetic is carefully crafted, from the positioning of the camera modules to the finish to the exquisite hues. It simply elevates your stature and makes you stand out in the crowd of commonality.

Alpha Grey
X50 Pro Alpha Grey is inspired from the deepest mysteries of space, granting it a blend of mystery and magnetism. Graced with AG Frosting technology on the rear glass surface, a comforting frosty finish and a soft and delicate touch experience are all achieved in harmony.

The'Big Eye'Camera Your Eye to the World
vivo’s revolutionary ‘Big Eye’ rear main camera sits on a Double-Ball Suspension Mount, granting graceful visible movement for you to soak the majesty around while you capture stunning photos and videos. Witness its movement while it tracks objects, or pivots back into place on reset

Gimbal Camera System Pro Level Stabilization
Very rarely does a new technology usher a complete revolution, not just a minor improvement. X50 Pro’s Gimbal Camera System does exactly that in the realm of photography stability. It uses mechanical movement to achieve flexible 3D stabilization and can cover angles 300% larger than traditional OIS. Move any way you like - from walking to skateboarding – and X50 Pro will deliver results whose accuracy will make you go 'wow'!