Promate - Travel Adapter, Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter with Multi-Regional Socket, Qualcomm QC 3.0 Dual USB Port and Surge Protected for UK, US, AU, EU, Smartphones, Tablet, UniPlug-QC3 Black

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UniPlug-QC3 is a sophisticated multi-regional travel adapter compatible with most international sockets. Perfect for frequent travellers, the adaptor utilizes an innovative slide-out plug design. Housing UK, EU, US and AU mains sockets, the adaptor allows you to charge your USB-powered devices directly from the electricity mains while providing short- circuit and overcharging protection.


Designed to Be Used Around the World:
For those who are constantly on the go and travelling, the Promate uniPlug-QC3 Universal Charger is the perfect travel accessory. With an extremely slim design that is combined with interchangeable UK, US, EU and AUS plug heads, the UniPlug-QC3 is the only travel adapter you need.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0:
Charge your Quick Charge 3.0-compatible device in record time with this Promate UniPlug-QC3 Wall charger. Qualcomm certified IC used to deliver fastest charge speed, Charge faster and save time and it is 100% compatible with Quick Charge 1.0 & 2.0. Charge your device from flat to full in less than 45 minutes and keep enjoying doing the things you love on your phone.

Worldwide Charging:
This Travel Adapter Cover more than 150 Countries with US/EU/UK/AU plugs. CHARGE 3 DEVICES - Power Up faster without taking multiple chargers on vacation! Compact and Powerful World Adapter Plug allows SIMULTANEOUS use of the AC Power Socket and Dual USB Ports(1.2A&2.4A).

Plug Types Suitable for Below Countries or Regions:
• US Type - USA, Japan
American Samoa/ Antigua and Barbuda/ Bermuda/ Canada/ Cayman Islands / Colombia/ Cuba/ Ecuador/ Guam/ Haiti/ Honduras/ Jamaica/ Japan/ Liberia/ Mexico/ Nicaragua/ Panama/ Peru/ Philippines/ Puerto Rico/ Saudi Arabia / Taiwan / Thailand/ Venezuela / the Virgin Islands.
• AU Type - Australia, China (Twist with fingers to convert USA plug into AUST plug)
Argentina/ Australia/ China/ Fiji/ New Zealand/ Papua New Guinea/ Tokelau (the Union Islands)/ Uruguay.
• EU Type - Most of Europe
Albania/ Austria/ Belgium/ Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Bulgaria/ Brazil/ Croatia/ Czech Republic/ Denmark/ Estonia/ Finland/ France/ Greece/ Hungary/ Iceland/ India/ Latvia/ Lithuania/ Luxembourg/ Macedonia/ Montenegro/ Netherland/ Norway/ Poland/ Portugal/ Romania/ Serbia/ Spain/ Slovakia/ Slovenia/ Sweden/ Turkey/ Ukraine.
• UK Type - UK, Hong Kong
Brunei/ Dominica/ England/ Gibraltar/ Grenada/ Hong Kong/ Iraq/ Ireland/ Kenya/ Macau/ Nigeria/ Nothern Ireland/ Oman/ Qatar/ Saudi Arabia/ Scotland/ Singapore/ Sri Lanka/ Tanzania/ Uganda/ the United Arab Emirates/ Wales/ Yemen/ Zimbabwe.

Dual USB Outputs Will Charge Two Devices Simultaneously:
Using your existing charging cables, the UniPlug-QC3 can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 players, digital cameras and e-readers. Designed to maximise space efficiency and keep your area organized, the UniPlug-QC3 USB adapter is great for charging two USB cable supported devices simultaneously from just one mains power socket.

Impressive 2.4A Output for Charging Tablets and Smartphones:
Offering an impressive total 2.4A output, the UniPlug-QC3 Surge Protected USB and Mains charger are perfect to charge your power-hungry devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Additionally, the 2.4A output means that your devices will be charged quickly, so they're ready to use for when you need them.

Multi-Region Adapter for Mains Devices:
Not only is the Promate UniPlug-QC3 a super-handy travel plug for your smartphone and tablet, but it also contains an adapter socket for your laptop, razor, toothbrush or any other mains-charged device. Whatever you might need to hand, you can use it easily with the Promate UniPlug-QC3 charger.

Plug Through Design Ensures That Your Mains Socket Is Available:
Not only does the UniPlug-QC3 allow you to charge USB devices, but it also ensures that the mains socket is available while the USB adaptor is in use. This means that you do not need to sacrifice the use of a power socket in order to charge any of your devices, allowing you to use the free socket for your bedside lamp or for charging of a laptop.

Features Built-In Surge Protection to Keep Your Devices Free from Damage:
The Promate UniPlug-QC3 has been specifically designed to filter out high voltage surges and spikes from the mains supply, thereby preventing potential damage caused to computers and sensitive electronic equipment.

Compact, Minimalist and Professional Design:
The UniPlug-QC3 looks great, with an appealing, attractive design which will fit in well into any environment - including hotel rooms, offices, home and anywhere else you might need to use it.