Promate - Solar Light Outdoor, Portable USB Rechargeable 3W Solar Panel Powered 2 LED Light Lamp with Built-In 2600 Power Bank and 200 Lumen Bright LED Light for Tent, Hiking, Fishing, SolarLamp-2

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The best choice for ambient lighting when outdoors. SolarLamp-2 is battery-operated and has a solar charger that lets you charge the light efficiently when outdoors. This makes SolarLamp-2 the most versatile utility light in the range, especially with its sleek structure.


2 In 1 Unique Design:
This is a solar light which can not only be used as USB rechargeable LED Light and an emergency light also a power bank for cell phones. The solar led light can not only be used as a portable emergency light you can take along or hang to anywhere after charging.

Super Bright LED Light:
SolarLamp-2 comes with two LED Lamps, both can illuminate as bright as 200lm LED light each, powerful enough to use in the darkest environments or use it as a powerful torch and can be used separately to increase the lighting area or to increase usage time.

Super Power Bank:
Built-in 2600mAh external battery pack power bank, with USB output port. it automatically detects the charging devices and delivers the optimal charging current for it, quick-acting charging your cell phone, tablet, or any other USB powered devices at anywhere, anytime.

The Promate SolarLamp-2 rechargeable solar camping light built in 2600mAH Li-battery, it will take about 4-8 Hrs charging time (a variety from the different charging way) and can last for 6 Hrs working time after fully charged. And it also be used a power bank for your cell phones.

Environmentally Friendly:
SolarLamp-2 can be totally independent from any power grid with its efficient solar panel that transforms the solar energy into electricity which can be used to both charges your devise and light up the LED Light during your night out in the campsite. SolarLamp-2 can leave zero impact on the environment.

Solar Energy:
The solar light powered by solar energy, which is clean, endless, and environment-friendly. The system is mainly composed of solar panel, light source and battery. Under the sun, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery. Portable solar light, energy saving, rechargeable and convenient to use.

Charge All Day, Shine All Night:
It takes to charge the SolarLamp-2 using the solar panel 10 hours to fully charge and you can enjoy a night full of light that lasts all night on a full charge. Also, save energy by charging any micro-USB enabled devices such as smartphones, GPS devices, MP3 Players and cameras using the solar panel.

Portable Compact Design:
SolarLamp-2 is designed to be very portable. The two LED Lights come with hocks that could be very handy when hiking where you could easily hock them on your backpack or even on the straps and light your way if you’re hiking at night. The solar panel is slim and compact enough to fit in your bag it is super lightweight for maximum mobility. It is compact enough to toss in a bag whenever you want to go out.

Indoor and Outdoor Use:
SolarLamp-2 is the perfect companion during your outdoor adventures, as long as there’s sun there will be SolarLamp-2. Take it with you during your adventures as well as indoors during the darkest times of long power cuts. Turn the darkest times to fully illuminated days. Ideal for indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, such as camping tent, fishing, hiking, cooking, working, reading, emergency, chicken coops, shed kit and other indoor-outdoor activities etc.

Flexible illumination with 2 LED Light:
SolarLamp-2 offers you the flexibility of two LED Lightwhere you can utilize the brightness in-hand as you may see fit. Two LED light inside your tent or you can light up the tent and use the other LED light as a hand torch or a power bank to charge what needs to be charged like your smartphone or GPS or MP3 player. SolarLamp-2 offers double brightness with 2 LED Light.

Portable Lifting Handle Design:
Portable lifting handle design for convenient carrying. Ideal for camping, hiking, outdoor trips, emergency events and power outages etc. It can be used as a mobile lighting lamp to charge your mobile devices with the USB port. You can take it anywhere for emergency lighting when it is a blackout.

Widely Use:
Ideal for indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, such as camping, cooking, working, reading, emergency. tent, fishing, hiking, chicken coops, shed kit and other indoor-outdoor activities etc.