Promate - Wireless FM Transmitter, In-Car Bluetooth V4.2 FM Transmitter Car Kit with Smart LED Display, 3.4A Dual USB Port Car Charger, AUX Input, Micro-SD Card Slot, Remote Control and Hands-Free Calling for Smartphones, Tablet, MP3, SmarTune-3

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Stream music & calls to your car stereo with this exceptional multi-function car kit with FM transmitter: smarTune-3. Just plug it into your car lighter socket, and you are ready to go. Engage in call function with the hands-free function along with the built-in mic. smarTune-3 provides multiple connectivity options. Play your favourite tracks via USB flash drive, microSD Card or simply via Bluetooth. The remote control adds on to the functionality, providing utmost convenience. Moreover, smarTune-3 also features dual USB charging ports that allow you to charge your smartphones & small tablets while driving.


Stream Music and Calls Through Your Car Speakers:
This is an FM transmitter that transforms your smartphone or tablet into an FM Transmitter, so you can enjoy a wide range of music heard through your car's much louder and clearer speakers. Listen to your music, podcasts or audiobooks in style using the Promate SmarTune-3.

Plug and Play:
No wires, no installation and no mess! Your smartphone or tablet speakers are very small and although have become more impressive over the years, they could never compete with the size and quality of an in-car stereo speaker system. The Promate SmarTune-3 sends audio through to your car speakers using your FM radio. Simply tune your car radio to a clear FM frequency and then select the same exact frequency on the SmarTune-3.

Hands-Free Calling Via Bluetooth:
With the built-in microphone and Bluetooth capabilities, the Promate SmarTune-3 allows you to make and receive phone calls - providing a hands-free solution for your conversations when in the car for your safety and convenience. Don't risk losing control of the steering wheel or breaking the law by holding a phone up to your ear, instead of using the SmarTune-3 to make and receive calls - all through your car's stereo system.

Premium and Professional Bluetooth V4.2 Chip
Compared to earlier or older versions like Bluetooth V2.0, V 2.1, or V3.0, Bluetooth V4.2 consumes much less energy and lasts much longer. High-performance Bluetooth module with memory connection efficiently delivers stable signals at high speed, avoids delay and interference, supports mobile’s A2DP function, provides clear and high-quality sound.

Integrated Smart LED Display:
The crystal-clear built-in LED display on the Promate SmarTune-3 Transmitter simplifies the setup process, allowing you to easily and clearly see what frequency you're tuned into.

Micro-SD Card / USB Stick Storage Support for Audio Playback:
With the built-in Micro-SD card reader and USB port, you can play your MP3 / WMA files through to your car stereo using either an SD card or USB memory stick. If you don't have your phone or tablet with you, the SD card reader and USB port are ideal for plugging in your other file storage devices, so you can still enjoy your collection of music, podcasts and audiobooks.

Easy Navigation with Multiple EQ Options:
SmarTune-3 features easy-to-use navigation controls on the main panel for added functionality and Choose between Natural, Rock, Pop, Classic & Jazz equalizers as per your mood.

Smart Switch Function:
Make the everyday drive easier with Smart Switch function that Switches to hands-free mode automatically from music playing status when receiving calls. You can make or answer calls that Seamlessly switch between incoming calls and music.

Dual Smart USB Outputs & Quick Charging:
As a car charger with dual USB port, it can charge 2 devices simultaneously and allocates the current intelligently. Single-port 5V/3.4A fast charge enables your device gets fully charged in a short time.

3.5mm Line-In Port for Audio Input from Smartphones and Tablets:
An absolutely enormous number of devices support the use of headphones and it is this same 3.5mm port that you can use to plug into the Promate SmarTune-3 Car Kit. Use your smartphone, tablet sat nav or other music playback device to send music to the SmarTune-3, which will then be sent to your car's stereo system.

Remote Control Included:
Control your music playback in comfort with the included remote control. With options to adjust volume, change the track, pause, answer or hang up a call, adjust the EQ and more besides.

Universal Compatibility:
It’s widely compatible with all devices with a Bluetooth function such as iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, iPad and Tablets. Also supports USB flash disk, AUX input and TF memory card with capacity up to 32GB, transmit music and calls directly from your devices to car stereo system via Bluetooth.