Simimi Esprit De Candela Extrait de Parfum 100ml

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Fragrance type: Eau de Perfume Size: 100ml Targeted Group: Women The fight for the lovers to be together. Two different souls, Candela and Carmelo, embodied in an effervescent kiss. The Andalusian flamenco has an Arabic flavor achieved by an amber heart, damask rose and leather. Complex but gentle. The power of woods and the spicy bouquet of the base notes, balanced with the top citrus of the bergamot.

FRAGRANCE PYRAMID\nTop: Bergamot, Coriander, Saffron, Cloves \nHeart: Damask Rose, Amber Heart, Leather, Stellaria Holostea \nBase: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Guayacan Wood, Virginia Cedar Wood, Peru Balm, Laudanum, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Musk\n\nEXTRAIT DE PARFUM\nThe Extrait de Parfum is Simimi’s most exquisite product. It is a true rendition of the perfumer’s talent without any compromise. Highest quality of ingredients in the highest concentration for the most luxurious sillage. \nThe shiny gold bottle topped with a bespoke jewel cap is an invitation to experience the warmth and richness that these everlasting fragrances promise.\n\n

INSPIRATION\nCandela, a kiss of true love beyond good and evil\nThe story of the ballet notes of El Amor Brujo translated into the notes of smell. With a distinctively Andalusian character, the players relate a story of passion without limits. Just a redeeming kiss of true love will break the spell. \nEsprit de Candela means passionate love, the fight of lovers to be together. Two different souls, Candela and Carmelo, are embodied in a sweet redeeming kiss kept in a precious perfume bottle. The Andalusian flamenco has an Arabic flavor achieved by amber heart, damask rose and leather. Complex, since it takes time to understand a creation like this, but gentle on the skin thanks to the balance between the top citrus notes and the powerful woods and spices of the heart and base.\nThis oriental wood fragrance is the translation of the ballet and orchestra El Amor Brujo (literally Love, the Magician also known as The Bewitched Love) into the music of smells. The work of Manuel Falla has a distinctive Andalusian character. The music contains moments of remarkable beauty and originality, and the players relate a story of passion and love without limits. \nCandela, a beautiful and jovial young woman, still passionately loves her deceased husband even though she had an unhappy life with him. He was cruel, jealous and dissolute, but fascinating and flattering. Every night she feels his presence, the “Spectre”, and even if he scares her, she dances with him to the rhythms of the flamenco, a popular dance. Spring comes and brings love with it, Carmelo. He is a strong young man who fell in love with Candela and seduces her. When they try to sign their mutual love with a kiss, the jealous Spectre comes back to separate them. Candela becomes fragile and sick because she cannot live her love story with Carmelo, so he comes up with an idea to end this nightmare. He met Candela’s husband some time ago and remembers his weakness: beautiful women. The young man persuades Lucia, a extremely attractive girl, to help them to distract the ghost while the couple share the redeeming kiss that will break the spell. They all meet at night at the time and place where the Spectre appears to dance with Candela. She is feeble but her passion for Carmelo gives her the strength to move. Lucia comes into scene and the Spectre can’t avoid the attraction. The two lovers use this moment to make their desire come true and break the spell. \nParticularly Spanish is the way in which the brute strength of the incorrigible nature [Spectre] is crushed by the mind’s tenancy and the human soul [Candela & Carmelo].”\n– Burnett James, Falla’s biographer. \n\n

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS\nVolume: 100ml\nConcentration: 21%\nBottle size: 131mm x 54mm. Weight: 460g\nPackaging size: 165mm x 165mm x 75mm. Weight: 755g\nPerfume Extract - Longest lasting fragrance of the range & highest concentration possible for the formulation.