Simimi Blanc De Zhang Edp 100ml

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Fragrance type: Eau de Perfume Size: 100ml Targeted Group: Women Blend of the Oriental culture and flavors: jasmine and soft spices. Very sweet opening, like the smiles of the scholars, brought by powdered coconut and plum. The scent of precious flowers envelops you like a soft mother’s blanket.

FRAGRANCE PYRAMID\nTop: Coconut Powder, Plum, Stellaria Holostea \nHeart: White Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia \nBase: White Musk, Vanilla Flower, Almond, Tonka Bean\n\nEAU PARFUMÉE\nThe Eau Parfumée is Simimi’s most innovative product. It combines the traditional art of perfumery with modern concerns for health and safety. All products are formulated to be 100% allergen free, a world first for artistic perfumery. \nPresented in a soft white bottle, the fragrances are as gentle as a sea-breeze and will enhance all kinds of skins for a formidable long-lasting and worry-free fragrance experience.\n\n

INSPIRATION\nZhang, a wisdom legacy written with notes of devotion\nThe story of Zhang, the inspiring mother of Mencius, who became the most famous philosopher after Confucius, thanks to his mother’s devoted love and wise education. She became a model of maternity in China.\nEspoir de Zhang is a wonderful blend of the Oriental culture and flavors. From its white flowers like jasmine and vanilla to a refreshing and almost spicy base it is a journey through the Oriental family of scents. The fragrance opens very sweetly thanks to a combination of coconut powder and plum fruit. Quickly follows the soft embrace of a mother’s mantle in the scent of the precious white flowers. You are left at the end with the refreshing and slightly spicy notes of white musk and tonka beans.\nThis floral oriental fragrance is inspired by an exemplary female figure in the Chinese culture, Zhang. She was the mother of Mencius, the most famous Chinese philosopher after Confucius. She raised her son all alone after becoming a widow when Mencius was still a child. She did so well that she turned into a model of maternity in China for the devotion she showed to her son’s welfare. \nThere are many popular sayings about her wise teaching techniques. The one called “Mencius’s mother, three moves” (mèngmǔ sānqiān), refers to the importance of finding the proper environment for raising children, without taking effort into account. They originally lived by a cemetery, where Zhang found that her son was emulating the behavior of the undertaker and professional mourners in funeral processions. She did not think such an environment was good for Mencius, so they moved into town near a market. But then, she noticed that her son was starting to bargain and to imitate the nearby merchant­­s who were always showing off and telling tales about their travels.\nThe woman began to worry again, thinking it was unworthy for a child to learn how to boast. After careful consideration, she decided to move to a small house near a school. Mencius behaved in the same polite manner as the teachers and students, imitating their speech and discipline. He ended up becoming a scholar. In the following years, he acquired a wide range of knowledge, such as etiquette, reading, writing, music and arithmetic. Thanks to the environment that Zhang chose, he became one of the most famous scholars and representatives of Confucianism.\n\n

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS\nVolume: 100ml\nConcentration: 12%\nBottle size: 131mm x 54mm. Weight: 460g\nPackaging size: 165mm x 165mm x 75mm. Weight: 755g\nEau Parfumée - Unique allergen-free formulation. Suitable for all skin-types, even the most sensitive ones.