Siemens iQ300 Washer Dryer 9/6 kg 1400 rpm WN44A2X0GC

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Siemens iQ300 washer dryer 9/6 kg 1400 rpm WN44A2X0GC allows you to Wash and dry in one go with the iSensoric washer dryer in only 60 minutes. 1. Sensor controlled autoDry technology prevents laundry from shrinking when being dried. 2. Outdoor impregnation programme and Protects your waterproof textiles. 3. Wash and dry in only 60 minutes and Wash and Dry 60 4. speedPack L and Speed up your programmes. Or wash and dry in just 60 minutes. 5. Stain removal programme for removing the 4 most stubborn stains.