Samick FN-1 BK Greg Bennett Electric Bass Guitar

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The Samick Greg Bennett Electric Bass Guitar FN-1-BK (Black Finish) Fairlane Series starts with the original styling concept and gives it a unique new edge. All 22 frets are entirely exposed, and the offset styling is refined in a considerably lighter body. The smaller body and headstock consume less energy from the string, making the instrument more efficient. The compact angled back headstock also produces more string bearing pressure at the nut, for improved performance and a lighter weight neck.

Double cutaway sculpted body
Maple bolt-on neck
Die cast tuners
Rosewood fingerboard
Vintage stop tailpiece
JJ pickups

Samick Greg Bennett Electric Bass Guitar FN-1-BK extended 5 and 6 bolt neck joints provide intense neck to body contact for incredible punch and performance. Fine tuned, active electronics let you dial in your signature tone quickly.