PRS SE 245 Tobacco Sunburst Finish, PRS SE Gig Bag Included

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Classic PRS punch. The PRS SE 245 combines elegant design with searing humbucker tone to present a guitar of true rock ‘n’ roll quality

Whether you’re into classic blues, or all-out metal – the SE 245 hosts enough tonal capacity to thrive in absolutely every musical style. And you can trust us when we say it’ll leave you astonished.

It’s addictive to play. And it’s all thanks to the sleek rosewood fretboard surface, letting your fingers fly across every inch of its scale length. And, with a wide fat mahogany neck, you can play the most complex of riffs with ultimate precision. Each 245S humbucker features its very own tone and volume controls. So, you can shape your sound the way you want, with no restrictions holding you back. Finished off with a flame maple top and the trademark PRS bird inlays, the SE 245 offers all the coveted PRS quality in a model more stylish than ever before.

Oozing with clarity
Let your melodies soar. Because the PRS SE 245 is loaded with a pair of fiery humbuckers for players to explore every corner of their tone. Featuring PRS’s meticulously designed 245S pickups, all sonic barriers are lifted for you to truly showcase your talent in any musical genre. Dial up the gain for a gritty, textured sound, or perform old-school clean riffs with that vintage sparkle. They’re medium output. Which means every note you play will ripple with clarity, no matter how you shape your sound. And you can trust that your sound will skyrocket through the mix.

Play without limits
Ultimately, a guitar should spark creativity – not restrict it. Which is why every aspect of the SE 245 is constructed with playability in mind. Experience easy transitions across the entirety of the fretboard thanks to an ultra-smooth rosewood surface. It’s combined with a sleek, fat mahogany neck that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, entailing endless hours of comfortable practice and performance. Enjoy effortless access to the upper frets with an ergonomic, single-cutaway body design. So, whether you’re shredding up high or unleashing fat, low-end riffs – the SE 245 offers a feel that’s tailored for the player.

Your sonic palette
Remember how we said your sound will flourish in any musical style? We really meant it. Because PRS have equipped the SE 245 with individual tone-shaping controls for each pickup. Crank up the volume for more bite. Or dial back the tone to give your playing a bit more subtlety. And, with a 3-way toggle selector, players can even shape their pickups for rhythm and lead situations. Meaning, with one simple flick of a switch, you can alternate between the punchy rhythms of the neck pickup and the sizzling lead tones of the bridge humbucker. You’re in total control wherever you are.

True individual style
It demands audience attention. With a finish so eye-catching and unique, how could it not? A flame top provides a breathtaking aesthetic, showcasing the SE 245’s sumptuous grain pattern. But its elegant design isn’t just limited to the body. The iconic PRS bird inlays dance across the silky-smooth fretboard for even more individual flair. Topped off with a striking vintage sunburst finish, the 245 simply radiates one-of-a-kind style. So, whether you’re rehearsing, or playing live – it’s all eyes on you.