Promate Matte Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro Max, 9H Tempered Glass Protector with Slide Camera Protection Cover, Scratch-Resistance, Touch Sensitivity, Shatter Protect, SpyShield-i13Max

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Smooth Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Matte Finish:
This Tempered Glass is treated with a two-way filter that gives the Promate matte screen protector a smooth matte feels, without getting stuck when sliding quickly. The perfect matte surface resists dirt, sweat, and annoying fingerprints, with very little frictional resistance even for hand sweating.

CamProtect™ Sliding Camera Lens Cover for Full-Screen Privacy:
Screen Protection to the fullest with CamProtect™ Sliding Camera Lens Cover. Simply slide left or right to block or open your front camera. Cover your front camera when it's not in use and block out the stare from hackers and stalkers.

Complete Privacy Against Snoopers with Anti-Spy Filter:
Confidentiality filter renders the content of the display almost invisible to everyone except the user of the device. The SpyShield also provides maximum protection on the phone's screen area against scratches, bumps, and breakage.

Matte Layer Promotes Non-Reflective and Anti-Glare Surface:
The tempered glass screen protector has a matte screen, which means there is no screen glare at night or, shiny reflection in bright sunlight. This makes the Promate SpyShield screen protector easy for outdoor or indoor use.

Reinforced 9H Hardness Glass with Shock Absorption:
The Promate SpyShield screen protector is made from chemically reinforced glass that maintains perfect image clarity while protecting your smartphone's screen from scratches and external shock. This Tempered Glass effectively protects your device, reducing the chance of screen breakage and scratches.

2.5D Curvature for Edge-to-Edge Fit:
The 2.5D curved edges not only can avoid dust accumulation at the edges, but also enhances the tempered glass to be more resistant to impact and makes it difficult to shatter the edges. The narrow border and curved edges around the screen protector guarantee perfect compatibility with almost all phone cases.

Heightened Touch Sensitivity with 0.3mm Thin Screen:
Engineered to provide extreme touch sensitivity, the SpyShield screen protector ensures no lag between your touch and the screen because of its 0.33mm thickness. It can protect the sensitive glass surface from damage and scratches without affecting the touch function.

Anti-Microbial Layer Inhibits 99% of Bacteria Growth:
Anti-microbial treatment on the top layer of the screen massively reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This coating cuts out the growth of bacteria on your screen up to 99% keeping your phone safe and clean.

Avoid Dust and Smudges on your Screen with Oleophobic Coating:
Protect your screen from water, dust, scratches, fingerprints, and other stains. Oleophobic coating resists oil contamination and fingerprints so you can avoid dust and dirt on the screen. The SpyShield screen protector is easy to clean as well.

6X Shatter-Resistant Film for Extreme Protection:
The 6X shatter- Resistant film ensures glass sticks together and doesn’t fragment, prolonging your device’s life span. It keeps your screen safe from any sharp objects in your pocket, such as keys and coins. Take your phone anywhere with the SpyShield screen protector, confidently.

Zero Bubbles with Effortless Easy Installation:
The zero-residue advanced adhesive ensures a quick and easy one-press application. The Promate SpyShield Screen Protector is a premium glass screen protector and not a film. Thus, on application bubbles are rarely formed. To remove any bubbles, simply use a microfiber cloth and push them towards the edge of the device.

Complete Compatibility with Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max:
The Promate SpyShield screen protector is designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and offers a perfect fit for your device. It also retains the display's touch sensitivity after the glass screen protector is applied.