Polesie - Take-apart Bus

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التوفر: متوفر

البائع:Mumma zone

For the most curious kids who want to get to know different types of transport better, the Polesie factory presents take apart Bus.The toy is made of a high-quality material and performed in bright colors and rounded shape. All pieces of the bus are presented in the form of a constructor which is connected by plastic screws.The set also includes a screwdriver, which diversifies the game, makes it even more interesting and provides easy taking apart and joining the pieces of the toy. Playing with such kind of constructor introduces the child to the first modeling and construction skills, and also develops imagination.


  • Polesie toys are made in high quality contemporary design products
  • Safe for Kids
  • Contributes to the development of fine motor skills and logical thinking of Kids.
  • Made of high quality materials