Philips Genuine Replacement Filter Integrated 3-in-1 FY3430/30

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Philips air filter FY3430/30 features 3-layer filtration with NanoProtect HEPA, Active Carbon and pre-filter makes sure you are protected from bacteria, pollen, dust, PM2.5, pet dander and gases.

1. Perfect fit for consistently high performance- Genuine Philips filter was designed together with the device itself to ensure a perfect fit which guarantees the continuously smooth operation of the device.
2. Philips filters ensure that your device works effectively- Philips air filters go through a set of mandatory and strict inspection tests before releasing from factory. They are subjected to rigorous life and durability tests, for continuous operation 24/7. Our filters are designed to provide the best performance of your Philips purifier until the last day of the filters lifespan.

3. 3 filters in 1 for convenience and superior performance- The cylindircal 3-in-1 filter combines three layers of filtration o keep your device running like on day one. Our Active Carbon, HEPA and pre-filter are the optimal combination that remove pollutants, viruses, allergens and bacteria. To make sure you breathe cleaner air we recommend changing all three filters at once.