Oppo Reno Smartphone LTE, 256GB 6GB

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Reno is tied in with seeing the world from totally new points of view. The innovation behind Reno lifts photography and versatile stimulation to every new stature. Give Reno a chance to further your vision.

Seize the Night with Ultra Night Mode 2.0
Reno series is equipped with a Sony IMX 586 48MP ultra-clear camera. It's 1/2.0'' ultra-large sensors and f/1.7 ultra-large aperture combine with MFNR and HDR software algorithms, protecting users from over-exposure and create stunning detail in low-light conditions. The new addition of AI portrait optimization for night photography can differentiate between subject and background, ensuring the skin tone is still the same and delivering a professional photo.

  • 1/2.0'' - Ultra-large sensors
  • f/1.7 - Ultra-large Aperture
  • Multi-frame - Noise Reduction Technology
  • AI Portrait - Optimization in Low light

True Beauty Revealed in 48MP Super High Definition
Reno series is equipped with a 48MP super HD lens that delivers super high resolution and greater color accuracy for more vivid detail in your photos.

A Balance of Simplicity and Detail
Reno solves common design problems, turning them into simplistic, yet ingenious detail. The pivot rising structure is our answer to an uninterrupted, full-screen experience.
The camera bump has been flattened completely. Instead, a smooth surface and O-Dot structure adds protection and serves as an alluring focal point. Marrying original design with precision technology - Reno is a unique take on modern beauty.

Panoramic Screen
See the Details of Your Imagination
Reno Series offers you a completely uninterrupted screen experience. There's no holes or other distractions and a chin of only 3.5mm height makes a huge screen-to-body ratio of 93.1%.

  • 93.1% Screen-to-Body Ratio
  • Corning Corning Gorilla Glass 6
  • No Stroboscopic Low light
  • Eye Protection Certification by TÜV Rheinland

Hi, Reno
The front camera, Front-facing Soft Light, receiver and rear flash are all cleverly housed within the compact rising structure. The pivot structure movement is incredibly intricate, first moving fast then slow. Less mechanical, more graceful. All of this is accomplished in 0.8s and in absolute silence.

  • 0.8s Swivels out
  • 11° Perfect Angle
  • >200,000 Standard Uses
  • Free-fall Protection

Unlock at the Speed of Light using the Hidden Fingerprint Unlock
An upgraded recognition structure combined with a more efficient algorithm enables even faster unlocking. The speed for fingerprint unlocking has been increased by 28.5%

New Gradient Color Finishes
Mesmerizing iridescent finishes that move with the light;
Pleasurable to hold as to see;
Matte finish with intricate gloss detailing.

Fully hidden camera lens. Smooth and sleek.
Beauty lies within. Reno's powerful camera is hidden under a solid piece of durable glass creating an uninterrupted, flat surface.

Game Boost 2.0 – Frame by Frame Optimization
The Reno series has been engineered with gamers in mind, which is why they added further optimization. The upgraded version looks even further into your phone's performance, looking at latency and control issues, analyzing touch control and refresh rate. The Reno Series has been awarded a High-Performance Certification from TÜV Rheinland. Gaming has never been so smooth

ColorOS 6
Based on Android 9.0, the latest generation of ColorOS adds Smart Riding Mode, Swipe-up Gesture Navigation, Smart Assistant and Cloud Service to a borderless design.