Lalique Noir Premier Terres Aromatiques 1905 EDP 100ml

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البائع:Luxurin Perfumes

Fragrance type: Eau de Perfume Size: 100ml Targeted Group: Unisex TERRES AROMATIQUES is a garrigue scented fragrance that complements the most iconic plant to come from the Midi: Thyme, enhanced with Lavandin. THE INSPIRATION \nIn 1905, perfumer François Coty met René Lalique and modern perfumery was born. TERRES AROMATIQUES pays tribute to these two visionaries, evoking Corsican-born François Coty’s roots. \n \nTHE FRAGRANCE \nTop notes: cardamom, lemon, pineapple \nHeart notes: thyme, lavandin, freesia \nDry-down notes: vetyver, tonka beans, orcanox \nThe prominence of Pineapple and the freshness of Cardamom are even more intense when combined with Lemon, creating an invigorating accord with Thyme and Lavandin… Freesia softens the heart of the composition with its Fruity and Orange Blossom aspects. A Woody Amber base bolstered by the vigour of Vetyver and the potent Tonka Bean perfectly evokes this world.