FISSMAN Wok DAKJJIM 30x10cm with Induction Bottom Aluminium with Non-Stick Coating

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4429 Wok DAKJJIM 30x10 cm with induction bottom (aluminium with non-stick coating) The DAKJJIM series is a collection of frying pans that will please you from their first use and will have a long service life. Their creation was the result of the hard work of technologists and designers, and their conception is based on the characteristics of practicality, functionality and environmental friendliness. The products are reliable and completely safe.
Non-stick properties are provided by the professional coating, IlagGranistone. This is a multilayer coating of stone powder, itself based on mineral particles, reinforced with an additional layer of food-grade silicone. The pan easily performs well even in a professional kitchen – it is great for cooking even the most exquisite recipes. The multilayer innovation system IlagGranistone ( is silicone based, with excellent abrasion and scratch resistance.
• IlagGranistone is a patented Swiss coating used in the production of professional cookware. It is highly rated by professional chefs around the world.
• Due to the specially applied technology, the coating feels and looks the equivalent of natural stone.
• The rough surface is ideal for cooking to a delicious crispy crust.
• The coating is abrasion and corrosion resistant.
• The deep shape allows you to cook for the whole family saving time, effort and energy. The high sides are great, not only for frying but also for stewing dishes.
• The original bent shape handle is non-slip, and although heat should be kept away when cooking on a gas hob, it is heat-resistant.
• The discreet design of the series comprises a simple form and a dark matt surface, combined with the use of stone particles and handles in rich terracotta.
We pay special attention to the environmental friendliness of all our products. Therefore, in the production of the non-stick coatings, as with all our cookware, we use only biologically safe materials — no perfluorooctanoic acid, lead or other toxic or carcinogenic substances. On each package you will find appropriate labelling confirming the safety of FISSMAN cookware for your health and that of the environment.