FISSMAN VERMION Santoku Knife 7inch

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7'' Santoku knife VERMION (3Cr13 steel) hollow handle The Santoku Knife is a multifunctional item. It is made for chopping vegetables, thin slicing and cutting fish and meat. The scalloped indentations make this knife easy to use by creating air pockets between blade and food, ensuring nothing sticks to the blade. Kitchen knives VERMION are made of steel 3Cr13, worked out by Asian technologists. Metallurgists succeeded in obtaining a material with excellent performance characteristics. The advantages of the knives made of steel 3Cr13 are strength, hardness and durability. Double side symmetrical sharpening of the blades simplifies cutting and slicing. Textured stainless steel handle stays non-slippery and lays tightly in hands. Accurate seamless connection of the handle with the blade is the key to high hygiene of the products. These knives are also of aesthetic look and light weight. Hand wash only.