FISSMAN Tea Pot with Heat Resistant Glass and Stainless Steel Infuser

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9447 Tea pot 600 ml with steel infuser (heat resistant glass) Every tea lover knows the secret of enjoyable cup of tea. This is a rich taste, magic fragrance and the enchanting dance of the tea leaves when brewed. Thus, the key advantage of FISSMAN teapot is the transparent glass body. It is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass. This teapot will be indispensable for the lovers of green or flowering tea.
• Reliability and durability - does not go dark, retaining its presentable appearance for a long time
• The removable stainless steel filter in the spout of the kettle will not allow tea leaves to get into the cup
• The transparent case allows to control the process of drink preparation
• Glass does not absorb odours so you can enjoy the taste of your favourite drink in harmony with your feelings
• The large lid for easy filling and care
• Resistant to grim and easy to care for
• Safe for health and environmentally friendly
The tea pot from FISSMAN is a useful addition to your kitchen that will meet your needs for comfort, warmth and satisfaction.