FISSMAN Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl 16x10cm/1.5L with Silicone Bottom

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5114 Mixing bowl 16x10 cm / 1.5 LTR with silicone bottom and PE lid (stainless steel) FISSMAN uses advanced technologies to create its products and aims to meet the needs and desires of its customers and achieve consistently high quality products.
No kitchen is complete without a mixing bowl and any cooking task needs the use of a mixing bowl whether it is for a cake mix, preparing salads, beating eggs, mixing for pastry or storing leftovers. The mixing bowl is an essential item in any kitchen.
Not only do professional chefs use FISSMAN stainless steel bowls, but this item also finds its place in the home kitchen.
• The steel body is scratch-resistant, doesn’t break if dropped, is resistant to food acids and resistant to odours
• The high walls are suitable for use with an electric mixer
• The silicone coating on the base is essential for stability during operation, even on wet surfaces
• The measuring markings help you to follow a recipe exactly
• Hygienic and easy to care for
With FISSMAN cookware, your food will not only be tasty but also healthy!
By purchasing FISSMAN products you choose both quality and safe cookware when you cook for yourself and your family. The bright design will inspire you to create new dishes and will certainly become the highlight of your kitchen.