FISSMAN Stainless Steel Butter Dish with Plastic Lid 18x12x7cm

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Butter dish with plastic lid 18x12x7 cm (stainless steel) FISSMAN only uses advanced technologies to design its cookware. We have set the goal to meet the needs of our customers and to achieve high quality products consistently.
The high quality 18/10 (INOX304) stainless steel butter dish with lid from FISSMAN is perfect for storing butter, keeping it fresh and allowing it to retain its nutritional value.
• The stainless steel butter dish will last a very long time as it doesn’t corrode or break
• Thanks to tight fitting lid, the dish is perfect for storing butter in the fridge or freezer, guaranteeing long lasting freshness and protection from unpleasant odours
• The neat and ergonomic design allows the use of the butter dish not only for storage but also for serving at the table
• The lid will help stop the butter from melting while outside the fridge
• Safe for health and environmentally friendly
The highest levels of time-proven quality and reliability are the hallmarks of FISSMAN’s products!