FISSMAN Sauce Pan LATTE 16x8m/1.5 L with Glass Lid Aluminium with Non-Stick Coating

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Having a perfect non-stick pan is an essential for everyone’s kitchen from a beginner to a professional!

Thus our LATTE cookware plays a vital role in every home and restaurant! Made from premium quality, durable Aluminium ensures fast cooking to serve the dish like a professional chef!

The Bakelite with Soft-touch Coating handle ensures firm-grip and no need to wear any glove as it keeps your hand safe even from a much hotter hot pan.

The deep shape with high sides allows deep frying and stewing dishes to have crispy-crust meat and veggies.

The real texture with white and black speckles is definitely been an eye-catching utensil!

The solid transparent glass lid allows you to observe the cooking progress.

The multilayer ultra-strong non-stick coating TouchStone which consists of 4 layers of natural fine-grained stone chippings based on mineral components.

The eco-friendly and scratch-resistant coating avoids the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals to preserve the food in a hygienic way. 


Color: Ecru

Material: Aluminium

Pan Diametre: 28 cm 

Non-Stick Coating: TouchStone

Handle Material: Bakelite With Soft-touch Coating

Compatible With: Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, and Induction Stoves