FISSMAN Sauce Pan ARIELLE 12x6cm/0.6L without Lid Stainless Steel

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ARIELLE Cookware

FISSMAN values its customers the satisfactions and needs from the quality of its products.

ARIELLE cookware is made of the safest high-quality stainless steel of the 18/10 grade (INOX304), has heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and is very easy to clean.

The multi-layer capsule bottom provides uniform heating and heat distribution thanks to the aluminum layer, revealing the taste of the dish and preserving all the useful properties of the products, and the induction layer makes the cookware universal for all types of stoves.

• Steel body 18/10 (INOX304) (high quality stainless steel)
• Multilayer induction bottom (for all types of hobs, high thermal conductivity)
• Measuring scale (to control the amount of liquid)
• Steel handle, easy to grip
• The ladle is excellent for boiling eggs, cereals, pasta in small quantities, boiling water and milk
• Safe for health and the environment