FISSMAN Round Cake Pan with Silicone sides & bottom of heat resistant Glass

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التوفر: متوفر


6579 Separable cake pan 25x7.5 cm (silicone with bottom of heat resistant glass)
The FISSMAN separable baking mould will make baking your favourite treats a pleasure.
The sides of the mould are made from silicone and fit tightly to the glass base preventing any leakage of the dough.
Sift and elastic silicone has excellent non-stick properties and can easily be separated from the finished cake.
The thick heat-resistant glass withstands high temperatures in the oven and the transparent property of the base makes it easy to see the readiness of the bake.
A simple and reliable interlocking system guarantees the long life of the product.
The mould is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, it doesn't require any special care and is easy to store.
The FISSMAN stylish and bright silicone mould will become an indispensable addition for baking homemade cakes and desserts.