FISSMAN NOWAKI Chef Knife 8 inch Japanese Stainless Steel Knife 420J2 Series Knives 8inch

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The Santoku knife is designed for shredding vegetables, thin slicing, cutting meat and fish.

The grooves in the surface make it easier to use: they retain air when cutting, so the food does not stick to the blade.

NOWAKI knives are made from Japanese 420J2 mild steel. It was designed for products operating in high humidity conditions.

This steel is strong and wear resistant, hardened to 53 +/- 2 HRC.

The blades are easy to sharpen and remain sharp for a long time.

The material of the handles is stainless steel 18/10, better known as surgical.

Thanks to the finished satin finish, the handles do not slip and fit snugly into the hand.

Exact seamless connection of the blade with the handle is a guarantee of high hygiene of products.

To prolong the life of the knife, it should be washed by hand.