FISSMAN MONOGAMI Boning Knife with German Stainless Steel 6inch

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The MONOGAMI series are kitchen knives in which every detail is flawlessly executed.

The perfect fit of the products of each piece of the knife guarantees an excellent quality.

The knives are made of high-alloy German steel X50CrMoV15, hardened to 57 units on the Rockwell scale.

They are highly durable and suitable for frequent use.

The blades have double-sided symmetrical sharpening along the entire length of the cutting edge, which ensures easy cutting and grooving.

The thickened heel of the blade prevents the fingers from slipping onto the blade and provides additional support during operation.

Each model is equipped with a stainless steel bolster that evenly distributes the load during operation.

White polypropylene handle secured firmly with three bolts. Its ergonomic shape and extension in the form of a stop on the edge of the handle allows you to cook your favorite dishes for a long time without noticeable fatigue and inconvenience.

Washed by hand.