FISSMAN MISTRAL Kitchen Tools (Corkscrew, Y-Shaped Vegetable Peeler, Grooved Knife, Pizza Cutter, Garlic Press, Can and Bottle Opener And P-Shaped Vegetable Peeler)

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With the right kitchen tools from FISSMAN, even a novice chef will feel like a professional chef! For most cooking the smart kitchen tools and gadgets will become important, useful, and irreplaceable.

The set of MISTRAL stainless steel bar tools from the FISSMAN company is an irreplaceable assistant that combines all the necessary tools for comfortable work in the kitchen.

The set includes:

• Corkscrew
• Y-Shaped Peeler
• Serrated Knife
• Pizza Cutter
• Garlic Press
• Bottle And Can Opener
• P-Peeler
• All Compactly Located on a Metal Stand.

With the MISTRAL set from FISSMAN, everyday work in the kitchen will bring you pleasure, now everything is much more convenient, simpler and faster. The set has a number of advantages that you will appreciate!
• Realiable and Durable Kitchen Tools - stainless steel products are corrosion-resistant
• Resistance to dirt, ease of care
• Convenience - all items are compactly located on a metal stand
• Special plastic pads on the hooks of the stand, to prevent damaged
• Versatility - everything you need is included in the kit for daily use
• The set is designed in a modern style, will suit any decor and can be a great gift
• Approved by professionals

By purchasing FISSMAN products, you are making a choice in favor of quality, health and safety.

Be creative, try new things, pamper yourself and your loved ones.

FISSMAN wishes you every success in your culinary field!